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Similar to the way that neuro-electrical impulses move unseen in the world, there are phenomenon that exist beyond the normal organization of perception. The confluence of physics, (gravity), and metaphysics, (felt information), together reveal how numinous substance manifests in these paintings. Sensation is brought into form through decisions that occur both cognitively and outside the normal realm of the senses. The spatial layout presents a fracture between orientations; neither forward nor back, but perhaps to the side, more of a peripheral view. Divulging not landscape, not figure, but a space less cohesive, marks are reminiscent of things other than they are.

The paintings become arenas where light and gesture are gathered and stored. As the poured paint drives across the canvas, the currents imprint some places, and wash others away. Accidental opticals occur, revealing surprises. The ephemeral becomes an informant. Light delivers information, and the luminosity brings attention to other dimensional aspects, making the unseen, seen.

Simone studied painting at the San Francisco Art Institute, where she worked under her mentor, Hassel Smith. She completed her BFA and MFA at SFAI. She lives and works in Petaluma, Ca.